Amirah Adara - Banged on the fourth of July
6-07-2018, 07:30
Give or take four score and seven years ago, Gustav Eiffel gifted the president of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln (Ricky) a beautifully luxurious statue he would name The Statue of Liberty (Amirah Adara). Reading the letter attached with the gift, Honest Abe inspects the statue's curves on Eiffel's suggestion. First, The Great Emancipator checks the statue's tits and ass to make sure they are anatomically correct. Feeling the regal curves, The Rail-Splitter is satisfied, but also curious what lies beneath her skirts. After some wet fingering, Lincoln the Liberator fucks the Statue of Liberty all over the presidential office, eventually depositing a creampie inside of her, a gift to welcome her to the land of the free! USA! USA! USA!
Banged on the fourth of July
Category: Passion
PornStar: Amirah Adara
PornSite: DaneJones
PornStudio: SexyHub
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