Sabrisse - Wistful Bliss
13-07-2018, 00:11
Cute, comfortable and absolutely sexy are just a few ways to describe International model, Sabrisse Fox in this brand new pictorial with photographer, Daivd Merenyi. In bright yellow lingerie, a cute hoodie and a dazzling smile, Sabrisse is ready to kick back with all her fans. Tossing her long brown hair from side to side, Sabrisee gets totally sensual as she grips parks of her all natural figure, getting fully nude in just a few minutes. An experienced model, it’s easy to tell she’s spent her fair share of time in front of the camera as she knows just exactly how to pose just perfectly. When it comes to the company she keeps when she’s not hard at work, Sabrisse likes a gentleman who has good manners. And when it comes to turn-ons, well, she decided to keep us guessing in her interview. “Every woman has her own secrets,” she says with a smile. “I keep my turn-ons to myself. It would be so easy for men if they knew!” Want to find out? Let Sabrisse know just how much you love her pictorials in the comment below, right here on Playboy Plus!
Wistful Bliss
Category: Masturbation
PornStar: Sabrisse
PornStudio: PlayBoyPlus
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