Alexi Star - Alexi Star getting fucked from behind

11-05-2019, 19:31
Love is in the air, and it quickly turns to lust when Alexi Star allows it to. They’ve both been bottling up these urges for quite some time. She is the perfect teen girlfriend, and he can never take his eyes off of her. The thing that draws him near is the sweet taste of her pink teen pussy. Nothing tastes more delicious than the hole in between the legs of a teen. The sight of her sucking his cock had to make his balls ache. She is gorgeous, and her compact frame is his for the taking. The fires of lust burn so hot between these two it drives them to have anal sex. She doesn’t bat a single eyelash when he wants to stick his cock up the hole of her firm little butt. The jizz in his balls is reserved for the face of the girl he loves, though his aim is a bit off.
Alexi Star getting fucked from behind
PornStar: Alexi Star
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