Harmoni Kalifornia, Shane Diesel - Harmoni Kalifornia

11-05-2019, 20:28
Oh, what these whacky cuckbois do to have a Cuckold Session! Take Jack, for instance. You might remember Jack as the overzealous fan during AVN's. Well, he's back, and he's back because he drove a few days, on his own dime, to join us for another session. This time it's with The Queen of Spades herself, Harmoni Kalifornia, and World-Class Bull Shane Diesel. Jack gets off on the wrong foot, as most cucks do, by trying to wank his teeny-tiny dinky. It might be one of the smallest ever seen here, and after lots of ridicule, Jack still insists on jacking off. Harmoni puts a stop to that by forcing cuck to strap on his male chastity device, and after that, all best are off. Harmoni and Shane put the whimp through all sorts of embarrassment and humiliation before they force poor Jack to perform the ultimate act of humiliation -- The Clean Up. Today Jack asks for permission to beat his tiny meat after clean up, and what happens here is just as humiliating as the clean up. Poor Jack! Did we mention he wants back...for more?!?
Harmoni Kalifornia
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    Fernando 27 May 2019 00:47 Ответить
    Me encantaría estar en la posición de esta foto, siendo yo el cornudo y ver como un macho alfa penetra a mi mujer; poder lamer desde las bolas hasta el clítoris y cuando ellos acaben, limpiar la verga y la vagina con mi lengua.
    admin 27 May 2019 12:02 Ответить
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