Angel Emily, Kathy Anderson - Sweet French Teen Licks Older Woman

31-08-2018, 02:20
Sexy blonde MILF Kathy Anderson lies at the foot of the bed, caressing sweet French teen Angel Emily's calves and feet. Kissing her way up Angel's body, Kathy sucks Angel's fingers while caressing her chin, then kisses her neck and cheeks. Kathy plays with Angel's perky tits a little bit, then pushes her pelvis into Angel's pussy. Turning the teen over, the MILF worships her ass and pulls down her panties, then Kathy eats Angel out from behind. Angel strips Kathy next, appreciating the MILF's tight body, beautiful tits, and pink pussy, before kissing her whole body and climbing on top for a 69. Kathy takes back over and spreads Angel's, then the couple engage in a vigorous tribbing session! Finally, Kathy sits on Angel's face, and the sweet French teen eats the MILF out until she cums!
Sweet French Teen Licks Older Woman
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