Ilvy Kokomo - Ilvy Kokomo - Studio Seduction

3-11-2018, 02:22
As elegant and beautiful as can be is our newest Amateur model, Ilvy Kokomo from Latvia. “I grew up near Riga in a farmhouse,” she tells us as she puts on her ballet pointe shoes. Beautiful Ilvy is on set of a large dance studio dressed in a sexy sheer leotard and an adorable white tutu with photographer, David Merenyi. A true artist, Ilvy dabbles in many other mediums besides modeling, too— though she has been in the industry for eight years now. “I have a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and health care,” she tells us. “But I am crazy about photography, so I constantly try to develop my photography skills,” she adds. Ilvy is also a makeup artist when she’s not behind or in front of the camera. Let this long-haired redhead dazzle you with her totally fit body of long legs, slim waist, and all natural curves. “I feel absolutely natural and comfortable being nude,” she says with a sly smile. “I am flexible with naturally big breasts,” she adds confidently. Watch this gorgeous and talented beauty dance ever so gracefully, and then ultimately show you what’s under her ballerina outfit, right here only on Playboy Plus!
Ilvy Kokomo - Studio Seduction
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PornStar: Ilvy Kokomo
PornStudio: PlayBoyPlus
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