Kenna James - Sucking Dick and Getting Fucked

23-11-2018, 17:31
Kenna James is taking selfies at work all day. Her manager, Johnny Castle asks her for a file, she has no idea where anything is. Kenna doesn't care much about this intern job and she does believe she will be hired on, make her way to the top and be VP in 5 years! Johnny is about to give her a review but it seems Kenna has talents he was not aware of. To name a few, slowly undressing, sucking dick and getting fucked on desks. Looks like the day at the office will end well for both of them!
Sucking Dick and Getting Fucked
Category: Hardcore
PornStar: Kenna James
PornSite: NaughtyOffice
PornStudio: NaughtyAmerica
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