Gianna Dior - Naughty Beauty In POV

9-01-2019, 13:43
Super sexy sprite Gianna Dior is all ready in the buff and ready to play in scene one of Manuel Ferrara's Raw #35. The stunning brunette spreads out on the sofa as our hero Manuel gets to play with Gianna's pussy. He squeezes her fleshy muff together as Gianna states how good it feels. The pretty princess pokes her ass to the sky as she ingests all of Manuel's meat. Manuel fingers her butthole until she comes up for air for a split second then starts to whop her face with his dick. This prompts Gianna to mount Manuel and grind on his staff. Manuel gets the POV action going by planting her pretty face in the camera and jolts her from behind. The super fox comments on the size of his monster while occasionally smiling. The sex starved duo run to the bedroom for softer ground. Manuel fucks the luscious beauty from the side, then rolls her to the edge of the bed and spreads her out. He rams her cunt and then leads her back for more POV blowjob. After charming his boner even more the impish vixen swallows a full load after showing it to the camera...
Naughty Beauty In POV
Category: Hardcore
PornStar: Gianna Dior
PornSite: ManuelFerrara
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