Rebecca Bailey - Rebecca Bailey in Decadent Babe

31-05-2019, 18:37
Sweet, seductive with a sultry accent, international model Rebecca Bailey is an English rose whose modeling career wouldn’t be complete if she hadn’t posed for Playboy Plus. “My modeling experience is mainly from modeling lingerie and swimwear. I’ve only done a little bit of nudity,” says the naturally curvy Brit on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “Cassandra came across my page and asked if I would be interested in shooting Playboy and I told her yes!” Giddy as she removes her sheer negligee by a fountain, the blue-eyed beauty with the long, brown-hair couldn’t help but comment on how this is a great departure from her day-to-day in Vancouver, Canada. “I work at a law firm as a receptionist and a legal administrator. It’s a typical office job. It’s the same thing every day,” she says as she unfastens her black bikini top, exposing her all-natural breasts. “I’m so excited to be in LA. Being here makes me so happy because there are palm trees and sunshine.” Hoping to perhaps meet a lovely surfer while she’s in town, the sexy brunette admits a relationship is low on her list of priorities. “I would rather be in a relationship if it's the right person, but I wouldn't date somebody just to have somebody,” she says. “I don't see the point in that!” Sweep Rebecca Bailey off her feet, right here on Playboy Plus.
Rebecca Bailey in Decadent Babe
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