Melody Petite, Olivia Sin - Relax Time

31-05-2019, 23:18
Cute Hispanic babe Melody Petite gives sexy blonde Olivia Sin a sensual massage in Andrej Lupin’s tender erotic movie “Relax Time.” Naked, the sweet brunette pours oil over her girlfriend’s body and strokes her lovingly, making her smile with pleasure. Olivia turns onto her back so Melody can kiss her and caress her big breasts, teasing her puffy nipples stiff. When she slides a hand down between her thighs to fondle her shaved pussy, Olivia gasps and rocks against her fingers, driving them deeper. The voluptuous blonde rubs her clit as her lesbian lover frigs her to an intense orgasm, then goes down to lick her slippery slit, making her cum again with her skilful tongue and fingers. Now Olivia returns the favor by pouring oil over Melody’s slender, tanned body, stroking her shaved pussy from behind with slick fingers. Melody squirms and moans, climaxing noisily before turning over so Olivia can tweak her diamond-hard nipples, then spread her legs high and wide and lick her to another overwhelming orgasm.
Relax Time
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