Darcie Dolce - Darcie Dolce in Steamy Shower

1-06-2019, 18:36
Daring Darcie Dolce may be new to Playboy Plus, but wants to quickly rectify that with a sexy shower set that will make this newcomer a fan favorite in no time. “For my first look, I had wet hair and wore this really cool, one-piece swimsuit. I was so excited to wear it because it really cut high on my butt,” says the busty brunette as she points to her cute bottom. “I look really good with wet hair, slicked back. I like being wet, I think it’s a good look for me.” Wet, wild and ready for anything, the DJ and a model peeled her swimsuit off and revealed her incredible curves, leaving us to wonder who we should thank for this stunning Playboy Plus addition? “I had been modeling for about 10 years when I met Holly Randall through a friend at a book release party exactly two years ago today,” says the petite beauty as she grabs hold of her voluptuous assets. “We kept in touch and now, here we are shooting exactly two years later, to the day.” Thank photographer Holly Randall for this beautiful set with Darcie Dolce, right here on Playboy Plus.
Darcie Dolce in Steamy Shower
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