Gia Ramey-Gay, Holly Randall - Behind the Scenes with Gia Ramey-Gay: Episode 2

2-06-2019, 18:39
Go behind the scenes with our Cybergirl of the Year 2016, Gia Ramey-Gay, as she shoots her amazing pictorials with photographer Holly Randall. Last week, we left Holly and Gia on the beach in La Paz, Mexico, working hard to get the perfect shot despite less-than-perfect weather conditions. This week, we’re heading to the next location—a sprawling villa in the middle of the desert. “The light and scenery at the house were beautiful, and there was a lot to play with,” says Holly. “You could see for miles in all directions, and there were no neighbors, so Gia stripped down and we sent the drone up for some amazing aerial footage.” Very proud of her body, Gia knows exactly how to pose for maximum sex appeal, and inspired by the authentic Mexican location, she turned in two incredible performances. “I get the most compliments on my eyes, but I love having boobs,” she says, grabbing them for emphasis. “Curves are the best. I’m definitely not missing anything above or below the waist.” If you can’t get enough of Gia’s curves, this episode doesn’t disappoint, and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to tune in next week for the finale, too. Check back this Sunday for more Gia Ramey-Gay, only on Playboy Plus.
Behind the Scenes with Gia Ramey-Gay: Episode 2
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