Kendra Cantara - Kendra Cantara in Bathing Beauty

1-06-2019, 18:38
Cybergirl Kendra Cantara is a fiery beauty with long, black hair and an all-natural body that will make anyone envious. “I love my stomach and my booty. I think a long torso is a very nice thing to have!” she says from photographer Damir K’s set. “Shooting in the bath was pretty slippery, but I had a lot of fun.” As she struggles to cover her C-cup breasts with bubbles, the hazel-eyed model admits that her exhibitionist ways extend further than the set of Playboy Plus and even her house. “My latest wild experience would have to be when I flew to Bora Bora to be on Dating Naked,” she says as she towels off her lean legs. “I was super excited about it. It was an awesome experience, but the guy they chose for me wasn’t my type.” Single and loving it, Kendra Cantara is putting dating on the backburner leaving her plenty of time to pose for you, right here on Playboy Plus.
Kendra Cantara in Bathing Beauty
PornStar: Kendra Cantara
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